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Undoubtedly, the unique source of the whole vital force on the Earth is the Sun, and the Wind, as result of Sun rays influence on the planet Earth, is nothing else but the first derivative of the Sunlight energy.

As yet the mankind has not learnt to effectively use energy of the Sun, but tries to increasingly use the "more rational" (at first sight) energy carriers such as coal, oil, gas, atom. But you will not deceive the nature . The Sun and the Wind will always be while the other sources will be exhausted sooner or later, and the ecology, in result, may become unsuitable for our descendants.

However, generation of energy from the Sun or the Wind is a difficult and knowledge-intensive problem demanding serious intellectual, industrial and financial investments into working out of ideas, designing of samples, testing and research of efficiency.

Very often the chosen way appears deadlock and demands return to the beginning and working out of new theory and industrial technology …

About Company.

In the mid-Nineties of the last century the father and the son – the Silins made first steps towards creation of wind power generator in a small laboratory and a small workshop. The keystone idea of the wind power station was to make a model which could be used for the household purposes by individual owners and to provide summer residences, houses, shops, etc. with power supplies. Moreover, wind power station had to be soft-running, self-running (to work in absence of electric networks) be noted for reliability, ease of installation, have rather low cost and be able to provide rated power of 1 kW at that. By the end of 1997 such a model had been constructed and that laid the basis for creation of «WindElectric».

Research-and-production group "WindElectric" was founded in 1998 and the first models WE-1000 with capacity of 1 kW have already started to appear in the markets of CIS countries and abroad in the same year.

Nowadays, WindElectric is a modern, innovative-industrial enterprise with its own industrial base, design office, laboratories, own aerodynamic testing ground for wind power station, with the central office in the city of Kiev, a wide network of dealers and suppliers in various countries of the near and far abroad.

The company WindElectric collaborates with many countries of Europe, the Baltic states, the Near East, Africa, South and North America, Australia, China and the Commonwealth of Independent States, that works in the field of advanced technology production and alternative energy.

For convenience of cooperation with the customers the operating wind power stations and all necessary equipment are established on territory of the central office and on the factory for demonstration and testing our electricity generating systems.

WindElectric Company attends to reliability and convenience of WindElectric equipment operation. WindElectric engineering centre is created for this purpose.

We are constantly conducting new workings out and are engaged not only in improvement of already existing WindElectric products but also in analysis of the best world achievements in the field of alternative power, energy saving and uninterrupted electricity supply.

Studying and practical application of the newest solutions is the way of WindElectric in the modern world.

WindElectric engineering centre is a group of the qualified and professionally trained engineers provided with modern equipment and possessing unique experience.

Our experts obtain data about operation of wind generators, solar modules, electrical power systems investigated in real- time mode.

The analysis of the received data allows to build the most effective energy generating and energy saving complexes, to identify defects or errorprone elements and to eliminate «weak points», when needed, before batch production. The abovementioned analysis is a necessary condition for output of reliable equipment with the service life of several decades.

WindElectric plant is an industrial platform of industrial-office buildings with the total area of more than 4500 sq. m and a land lot of 8 hectares.

Two industrial shops with the area of 2 000 sq. m each and an office building of 800 sq. m constitute the basic industrial infrastructure of WindElectric company.

There is a testing ground laid and used by us on the territory of our plant on which the newly developed wind power stations being prepared for batch production and the other products and constructions for durability testing and investigation of overall performance are established, and also the account of error-free running time of our constructions and products is conducted.

For research of aerodynamic parameters and development of new wind turbines with good aerodynamic and price characteristics the unique in the CIS countries aerodynamic stand with the capacity of 55 kW has been constructed on the territory of WindElectric plant. The aerodynamic stand is used for testing small wind power stations with possibility of artificial wind stream generation at speeds from 0 to more than 30 meters per second and that allows our experts to make operative researches and complete new models.

Creation of stream up to 7 meters in diameter allows to conduct testing of wind turbines for wind power stations of all WindElectric lineup in a wide range of wind speeds.

At the end of 2007 we have started designing of a new, professional wind tunnel with 12 meters in diameter and capacity of 500 kW.

Our engineers have developed a new direct-drive station of the third size WE8000 with the capacity of 8 kW.

The wind wheel located along the wind stream for orientation of wind power station for wind which works not only theoretically but also showed excellent results in tests of this model has been used for the first time in this model.

Such a solution has allowed us to create an absolutely reliable, mechanic system of orientation for wind which is being inertial enough - it doesn’t react to side blows of wind and that warrants stable dynamics of main rotor operation.

Our engineers have achieved high sensitivity of side rotor and that provides orientation of wind power station for wind even at the most gentle wind.

We plan to adjust manufacturing of more powerful wind power stations (up to 15 kW) of new generation on this platform.

At the beginning of December, 2007 testing of the first industrial sample has begun on our testing ground.

Process of taking parameters and analysis of testing results will be completed in March, 2008.

The integral part of test run is not only bench tests for the purpose of revealing possible constructive remarks and modification of production technology, specimen and technical documentation, but also installation on our production base for natural run under real climatic conditions.

After testing, already in March, 2008, the new model will become available for our customers.

At the end of 2007 we signed some preliminary contracts on delivery of such wind power stations.

Availability of different loads and energy sources in our laboratories allows us to conduct effective testing of both sources and loads.

We have developed a new generation of electronic control over wind power station.

This radically new device represents a multipurpose and sufficiently flexible in its possibilities UPS-cabinet with additional functions of wind power stations control.

Constructively the cabinet is executed in fire-resistant case of glass-reinforced plastic with the built-in energy meter for control of energy quantity received from wind power station.

The applied electric batteries of higher 24 - 200 ampere-hour capacity will allow to "reserve" energy of 6-50 kW and even more in many cases.

Such reserve of capacity will allow the house with monthly average consumption of 300 kW to "hold on" without any outage energy source for a period of 1-5 days (twenty-four hours). Furthermore, the comfort of people being in such a house will not be disturbed and the feeling of restraint in energy consumption will not arise.

Our technology allows us to create systems of longer self-contained work.

The simple constructive solution, reliability, involvement of additional functions, for example, additional charging device from the solar battery or city network, or additional inverter, etc. make our system flexible and allows us to adapt the new UPS-cabinet (PS1FModSin or PS3FModSinAG) to different tasks of the Customer.

In spring 2008 we will present the first sinusoidal inverters 3500, 4200, 7000 kW for single-phase systems as well as three-phase sinusoidal inverters 8, 12 and 16 kW to our Customers.

There has already begun the experimental manufacturing of accessories and assemblage of the first experimental and serial (in the nearest future) wind power stations, cabinets for control units and electronics, electric batteries and masts in the first workshop.

n course of our business we use both the traditional equipment which is widely applied on plants and factories of the Post-Soviet countries, and the modern metal cutting machine tools operated by personal computer and allowing to receive high accuracy - positioning precision of items, and also to provide quality of output production.

For increase of durability details and knots of our production are covered with galvanic covering, and a high-impact polymer-based powder cover is used as paint.

In 2007 all forces of our Company were directed for creation, testing and adjusting of new models, preparation of batch production, manufacture of press forms both for sator steel, and for case and frame parts of generators and wind power stations in whole.

In total, more than 50 various press forms were manufactured for the year 2007 with working hours of 25-60 days, including molding parts and parts from plastics and metals of wind power stations. Such preparation of manufacturing process makes further manufacturing technological, fast and inexpensive. Nowadays, we are able to manufacture 1 - 5 ths. small wind power stations per month!!!

Such a potential production volume makes WindElectric Company an inaccessible one for competitors both in Ukraine and abroad.

The preparatory work has taken a lot of time, considerable material and physical resources. However, availability of the checked up, high-quality and technological product in manufacturing, its assortment and the low price is the unique way of a Manufacturer to success in the modern market.

For the period of year 2007 our Company reduced sales to a minimum with the purpose of concentrating maximal efforts on creation of new models, their testing and preparation for manufacturing.

Upon more than a semi-annual testing of wind power station on the plant and at office, only at the end of the year we have made trial sales and installations of our new models.

It is very important for us to know opinion of our customers and have possibility of considering remarks prior to beginning of large-scale manufacturing.

In October, 2007 we put into operation the «pilot project» - the object including a complex of wind power stations WE2000.

The prospect of consolidating wind power stations into Wind Turbines Park has pushed us for work with the experimental object.

As of today the object of two WE2000 has been completed and design works on preparation for new wind power station installation are conducted. (spring 2008)

Absence of local electric system makes our wind power stations irreplaceable.

In December, 2007 we established the prototype of wind power station WE3000 with the capacity of 3 kW on the territory of the customer. This machine is noted for availability of a considerable stock of capacity of both wind turbine and generator and that allows to effectively use wind power station in conditions of gentle winds.

So, in conditions of the most gentle wind (less than 3 km/s) the minimum capacity selected for charge of accumulator makes 250 Watt!!!

Such results cannot be produced by wind-driven generators of the other manufacturers.

The new, direct-drive wind generator WE3000 is the irreproachable success of our engineering and will become the most often sold in WindElectric lineup in the nearest future.

At the beginning of 2008 samples of new generation wind power stations have been mounted on the territory of our plant: WE1500, WE3000 and WE8000.

WE1500 WE3000

Novelty consists in ideal adaptation of wind power stations to batch production, the majority of parts are highly technological, foundry products with high reliability, convenience of assemblage and good design.

Battery box and control cabinet

All three wind power stations are connected to control box and work for external illumination on the plant.

WE8000, WE3000, WE1500

The important role in our manufacturing is dedicated to quality control.

The quality control at WindElectric plant is performed at all production phases. We have introduced the hundred-per-cent incoming inspection of all materials and accessories received from supply contractors.

All details, knots and items have a serial marking which is fixed in the domestic passport of our Plant. The quality control service carries out verification and makes a corresponding mark in the passport of a detail, knot or an item that confirms release or, on the contrary, - testifies rejection. Such an approach to the quality control additionally enhances responsibility of the personnel participating in production processes.

WindElectric modern power stations are machines requiring exact work of all knots. Upon assemblage the test run of all stations is performed with taking parameters of work and the item passport is made.

In 2008 it is planned to begin reconstruction and equipment of the second workshop (with the area of 2 000 sq. m) with modern, automated lines and machine tools of German and Japanese manufacturers.

Daily and laborious work in the sphere of alternative energetics, fair research, industrial and test basis allows us to be the Professional Team capable of manufacturing high- quality production at the best price.

Nowadays, WindElectric is the Professional Team offering non-conventional but absolutely real solutions for power supply of the very different objects.

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